Glorious Green Season

September 7, 2014  By: Gretchen

Tarangire greeWe love the ‘green season’ in Africa! Crowds are sparse, discounts abound, the animals have abundant food and water, and the landscape is incredibly verdant. What’s not to like?

My family and I are headed to Tanzania in March/April, which is their green season. I’m especially fond of seeing Tarangire National Park during this time of the year – it’s a feast for the eyes with its beautiful canopy of trees. The huge number of elephants in the park enjoy feasting on the lush vegetation, and the bird life is alive with color.

Yes – ‘green season’ does mean there is rain, however it typically is in the form of showers that are sporadic. You’ll still see lots of sun! Abundant food sources mean that many baby animals are born around this time. Being in the Serengeti during the calving season is absolutely incredible!

Want to visit one of our safari destinations during the green season? Don’t forget that the timing of the season depends on the country. Reach out to one of our safari specialists to see what other green season specials we have tucked away for you!