Top 20 List from AAC Clients

November 24, 2014  By: Gretchen

AAC client Schaefer FB

The Schaefer family recently returned from a Southern African safari and shared some wonderful stories and photographs with the AAC staff. Best of all, they put together an fun ‘Top 20’ list from their travels. We are so happy to have worked with them to create this trip, and to hear about their safari experiences!

Top 20 list –

  1. Great white sharks cannot be seen breaching out of the water from the beach in Cape Town, despite what Discovery channel makes you believe.
  2. Public Education is a privilege, not a right. For every child not wanting to go to school in America, there are hundreds of children in Zambia whose parents can’t afford the $20 a month enrollment.
  3. #FirstWorldProblems sums it up, re-focus energy on being more grateful.
  4. Wearing no makeup is liberating, and much more time efficient.
  5. Convertible travel clothing, although not stylish, is surprisingly comfortable and convenient. But zipping off is easier than zipping back on.
  6. Eating with your hands is fun!
  7. There is a Big 5, Little 5, and Green 5.
  8. Sundowner is my new favorite term for happy hour.
  9. One chitenge is more versatile than a multi-purpose room.
  10. Hippo neighbors  =  Noise pollution.
  11. Not every child grows up watching Disney movies, or even knowing that Disneyworld exists.
  12. Pumba is everywhere! No Timon in Southern Africa though.
  13. You don’t lose weight on safari, they feed you constantly and the food is good.
  14. The Big Dipper cannot be seen in S. Africa, or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, despite how hard you look.
  15. Males are territorial, even in the bush.
  16. Elephants have made more progress on gender equality than most African villages; matriarch power.
  17. Tsetse flies have one nasty bite.
  18. Everyone has a story to tell, always demonstrate compassion, you never know their situation or circumstances.
  19. One ripple can cause a wave, I need to create more ripples.
  20. For every 4 tourists who visit Africa, 1 job is created, and 1 less animal is poached. #Support African Tourism