July 8, 2015  By: Gretchen

World’s Largest Black Rhino Translocation Is Successful

The largest cross-border move of black rhino ever was completed in June 2015. This event was the latest of a series of translocations that began in 2001 with the move of some white rhino from South Africa into Botswana. Now, our partners at Wilderness Safaris and their partners have successfully moved 1% of the global population of the critically endangered black rhino to a safe haven – Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Wilderness and its partners are working to create viable thriving populations of both black and white rhino in the Okavango, where they can be monitored and protected by one of the best anti-poaching teams in Africa along with the Botswana Defence Force.

Learn more about this historic movement in the infographic below, or to support this ongoing project, you can go on safari! Our Botswana Ultimate Safari and our Botswana Great Wilderness Journey both visit the region where the rhinos were released, and help to support the organizations performing this important conservation work.