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Guest Quiz Master: Innocent Tembo

This month’s quiz was specially created by Innocent, an expert guide in Zambia, and focuses on African wildlife in Zambia and across Sub-Sahara Africa. What facts do you already know? What can you still learn? Come find out by taking this month’s quiz!

Guest Quiz Master: Innocent Tembo

Norman Carr Safaris Guide Innocent Tembo

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Innocent’s Bio:

Born in Mfuwe, Zambia, a town bordering the South Luangwa National Park, Norman Carr Safaris Guide Innocent Tembo has literally grown up with wildlife in his garden. Passionate about wildlife from a young age; before becoming a world renowned guide, Innocent was the leader of his primary school’s Chongololo Conservation Club. His professional career began in the South Luangwa National Park as a driver and storekeeper, spending most of his time in the bush. Innocent used to spot eyes in the bush during night drives, and serve tea and drinks for guests during the day so that he always had an excuse to be in the park.

Innocent guides on game drives in Liuwa Plain National Park, on walking safaris, and also by boat so that he can expose guests to variety of unique safari perspectives. He loves observing new animal behavior and interpreting the surrounding plant and wildlife wonders. Like so many guides, Innocent has a special 6th sense! He can accurately read mammal and bird behavior, he foresees the animal’s next move, and in turn positions the vehicle at the best possible angle to watch the action unfurl. He says that the most effective guiding requires patience and careful attention to the animal’s mood and behavior: “It’s about thinking 20 minutes ahead and being ready.”

As a guide for Norman Carr, Innocent embodies their legacy of guiding and conservation, he brings the bush alive for guests with his infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled knowledge of the wild places of Zambia. He loves the open wilderness and the juxtaposition between the floodplains of Liuwa, which boasts some of the most magnificent bird life in Zambia, and the woodland savannah of the Luangwa.

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