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Guest Quiz Master: Clayton Niemand

This month’s quiz was specially created by Clayton Niemand, an expert guide in South Africa, and focuses on the fynbos biome located ant the most southern part of Africa. Here you will find incredible plant life and oceanic adventures. What facts do you already know? What can you still learn? Come find out by taking this month’s quiz!

Guest Quiz Master: Clayton Niemand

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South Africa

Clayton’s Bio:

Clayton’s interest in nature as a boy growing up in a small fishing town called Buffeljagsbaai. Here he would take long walks on the beach harvesting abalone and giant periwinkle to cook over a fire on the beach. These memories were, in large part, a defining part of his youth.

Six months after Clayton finish school he began guiding at De Hoop Nature Reserve where his job entailed inter-tidal pools, fynbos walk/drives, whale watching excursions and bird watching. His passion for nature was really ignited when he first began guiding at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Here he learned a lot more about himself as well as his surrounding environment including how amazing the floral kingdom is and how rich in nature the area along the Southern coastline of Africa is.

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Chris Laskey

Chris comes from a different background than most in the travel industry. Before joining AAC he worked for 10 years in the endurance sports industry managing, marketing, directing and participating in endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons, cycling events and more. Many of these multi-faceted events included planning travel for both professional athletes and securing travel relationships for the weekend warriors who participated. Chris has managed to travel to six of the seven continents around the world and found a passion for Africa when his first trip to the continent took him to Namibia.

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