Joe & KC’s African Adventure!

Tanzania to Botswana with a stop in Victoria Falls – check out highlights from this great adventure!

Can’t decide between East and Southern Africa? See them both!

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The perpetual motion of the Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya means something exciting is always on offer –

from river crossings to stampedes, and mass births to predation by lions, cheetah and hyena. The birthing season, typically in late February or early March, is a firm favorite here at AAC. It’s amazing to watch a soon-to-be mother wildebeest going casually about her day feasting on fresh new buds of grass – you’d never know she was just about to give birth!

With seeming ease (but let’s honor her hard work!), she ‘drops’ her baby. This fragile infant has only minutes to shake off her sudden entry into the world and to take her first steps, as there are always predators nearby. As she unfurls her long, spindly legs, the baby’s mother stands protectively by. The first attempts to stand are awkward, and as you watch, you can’t help but root for this little one to get moving quickly. After a few false starts, she stands and begins to totter along behind her mother. It will only be a short time before she is thundering across the plains in a sea of other wildebeest. The migration continues.

“We continually felt like we were in the middle of a National Geographic show.”

Joe and KC visited both East and Southern Africa and said “we continually felt like we were in the middle of a National Geographic show.” They reported “so many” favorite experiences while on safari (including seeing a baby wildebeest taking its first steps), they had a hard time choosing one or two to tell us about. They certainly intrigued us when they mentioned they saw a ‘hyena dinner party’ in the Serengeti.

“We saw a ‘Hyena Dinner Party’ – a hyena was feasting on a wildebeest (we didn’t see the kill). A jackal wanted to join the feast. The hyena chased the jackal away, but the jackal was too quick. He stole some food, ran away, buried it and went back for more. There were vultures were flying overhead waiting for their turn.” A sight like this is one of the the things that makes a visit to the Serengeti so special!

Joe and KC felt right at home in their Serengeti camp – “We loved the nightly campfires at Ubuntu where everyone shared their experiences of the day. We met people from all over the world: Hong Kong, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Alaska. The camp was very relaxed – wildebeest and zebras right outside our tent… Great food, great hospitality.”

Back to memorable sightings – in Botswana, they were lucky to see “a pride of lions (about 11) hunt a buffalo. The buffalo was too quick.” They also tried some of the adventure activities on offer in the Victoria Falls area. “The microflight was exciting! I was expecting a small plane. It was a three-wheel motorcycle with a wing. What a surprise! So much fun!”

“The microflight was exciting! I was expecting a small plane. It was a three-wheel motorcycle with a wing. What a surprise! So much fun!”

Food is always a big part of any travel adventure and Joe & KC weren’t disappointed on their travels. “The food was fantastic! Tloma Lodge was a coffee plantation that served farm-fresh food. We had homemade cookies when we arrived. The Ubuntu camp was excellent! Three course dinners every night – at a camp. Everything was delicious.

“Chobe Under Canvas had limited cooking facilities, but still served 3 course meals, even in huge rainstorms! All the hotels had great breakfasts with buffets and many choices for a ‘hot’ breakfast. Of course it helped that in Africa all the food is GMO-free so I could eat everything! Where in the States I can’t eat wheat, rice, corn, or any grains, I could eat everything in Africa! … I miss the food there!”

We love our work tailor-making safaris, and we’re thrilled that Joe & KC had the trip of their dreams. “You planned a great trip for us. The timing was great – just enough time in each place. Our expectations were exceeded.”

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