Private Safari Villas Make the Perfect Family Getaway. Here’s Why:

Relaxing on the drive back to Singita Castleton, your private villa and home-away-from-home, everyone is reveling in the magic of having had an epic game drive. The kids are in the front row of the open Land Cruiser, their grandparents are grinning in the second row, and you and your spouse are in the back, taking it all in. The kids can’t stop talking about all of the animals. Everyone has just seen lions in the wild for the very first time, and the kids were amazed at the size of the big male’s paws. There were zebras biting and kicking each other, a herd of elephants playing in the water, and other animals – bat-eared fox, jackals, secretary birds, giraffes and more. You’ve actually lost count, but that’s okay because your private guide is there to remind you of what you’ve seen, to put it in context, to engage the kids and to excite you about what you might see tomorrow.

Back at your multi-room private villa, the staff greets you with cool towels and welcome back drinks, and the kids make for the pool as the adults sit on the veranda and enjoy a sundowner. Seeing Africa’s megafauna was a fulfillment of a life-long dream since getting hooked on wildlife watching “Wild Kingdom.” But the real highlight for you was seeing the wonder and excitement in your children’s eyes at every sighting. It was better than a birthday or trip to the amusement park. It was something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Tonight, your parents are bushed and want to turn in early and the kids want to have a pizza party with the staff, who are their new best friends. You decide to take advantage and celebrate this special vacation with just your spouse and so arrange a surprise with the chef and butler – a romantic candlelit dinner under the pergola of your private swimming pool, with the sparkling night skies reflecting in the still water. THIS is what vacation is supposed to be like! Later, everyone meets back up to marvel at the millions of stars in the sky and while a hyena whoops in the distance. Then it’s time for a peaceful night’s sleep as you will be up early tomorrow to see what Africa has in store for you.

Safaris are fantastic family adventures, if you work with an expert to choose high-quality well-located tented camps in lodges in great parks. But staying in a private villa takes it all up a notch, by assuring your family complete exclusivity, greater freedom, more closeness, superior guiding and service and more, which create what should be the experience of a lifetime. Everyone wins with a private villa stay. Parents can relax and kids can go wild. Parents get time for themselves as needed while kids get special, individualized attention. There’s no end of things for everyone to do and the memories you make as a family will last a lifetime! Here are our top reasons why your family should stay in private villas while on safari:
1. You can truly relax

Everything is taken care of when you stay in a private villa. Staff members are available to cater to your every need. Plus, if the kids need to let off steam or are feeling rambunctious, there’s no one to be bothered because you have the whole place to yourself.

2. It’s like home, but with your own butler.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go on vacation and have all the comforts of home (privacy, lots of indoor and outdoor space, meals and bedtimes at the time of your choosing)? Not only do you have complete privacy and staff dedicated to your comfort, you can relax and the kids can play while the chef prepares your gourmet meals.

3. You get the best of everything

At Africa Adventure Consultants, we take pride in the quality of our safaris and of our guides. With a stay at one of Singita’s private villas, you are guaranteed the best guides, the most premium lodging, scrumptious food, and personalized service for your family. Guides will cater to individual kids (and adults!) to make your experience that much more special.

4. Amenities

Want a mid-afternoon game of tennis? A leisurely swim in the pool? Maybe a cooking class with the chef? It’s all totally doable, and it’s all yours. Both Singita Castleton and Serengeti House have private tennis courts and pavilions, private pools, and enthusiastic staff willing to share their skills. Singita Castleton also has a spa treatment room, a private gym and a trampoline for kids (and adults!). Remember – kids of all ages are welcome in private villas!

5. The Activities!

In addition to the ‘normal’ activities available on safari (game drives, walks (age dependent), community visits, spa treatments), booking a private villa expands the activity options available for your family. In addition to the amenities like a private pool and tennis court, games are available, a school visit or mountain bike tour might be on offer and some villas even have sports like archery.

One of our very favorite programs for kids is the ‘Mini Rangers Course’ offered at Singita’s private villas, which opens up a whole new world to young explorers. The program includes: tracking animals; frogging; butterfly capture and release; a cosmic safari (astronomy); learning bush survival techniques; flower-pressing; game-spotting competitions; nature quizzes and a Ranger’s Test. Upon completion of the course, these proud achievers are awarded certificates to recognize their new-found knowledge and accomplishments.

6. You’ll sleep well at night…

Knowing your whole family is together and safe under one (large) roof.

How to make it happen…

Convinced? Contact us as your safari experts. Planning a big trip when you’re busy raising kids can be a challenge – both from a time perspective as well as ensuring you’re choosing the right kind of vacation for your family. Will everyone have fun? Will the kids be entertained? Will you get to enjoy a bit of time with your spouse? You just want the opportunity to create new memories with your family without headache or hassle. A safari is an eye-opening experience for everyone in the family – full of excitement, adventure, learning and memory-making events around every corner. Planning the trip with someone who has repeatedly visited Africa with their own family ensures you’re dealing with an expert who understands both the joys and challenges of family vacation.



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