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December 20, 2016  By: Gretchen

Where We Dream of Going in 2017…

This time of year is good for both reflection and looking forward. We’ve had a great year here at AAC, sending travelers all over Africa to create new memories on safari adventures, as well as enjoying our own time on our favorite continent. We’re dreaming of new adventures in 2017 and beyond. Here’s what our staff has on their travel wish lists…

Kent Wants to go on a Walking Safari

Kent wants to revisit the roots of the walking safari, and that means a journey to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. The park is known as the birthplace of the walking safari, and is home to some of Africa’s best walking guides.

Walking through the bush is a vastly different experience from taking a game drive. Your awareness is heightened and the surroundings come alive. Walkers can see big game, but from a greater distance. They also have a chance to learn about tracking, small animals and insects and the beautiful and useful plant life while getting a bit of exercise. Game drives are still an option, which is good as the night drives in South Luangwa can be epic with the high concentration of leopards in the park.

Kent wants to visit Norman Carr’s Chinzombo Camp for his stay. With just six villas, it’s a luxurious and exclusive choice. Each villa has a private plunge pool, which is a major asset in the hot dry season (our early autumn). There’s also a family villa, so he can bring Kelly and the kids along!

From South Luangwa, Kent would head off to Sausage Tree in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi region for canoeing, boating and tiger fishing! With myriad accommodation types to choose from (including ‘signature’ tents, 2 huge honeymoon tents and a family suite), he could visit with just his wife, with his family or with a whole host of fishing buddies. There’s something for everyone, as the wildlife is spectacular here too – especially the elephants!

Anisha Hopes to Revisit Africa’s Eden

After visiting Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia this year, Anisha is ready to head back to Botswana. Its wide open spaces with very few camps provide just the kind of exclusivity she’s looking for. And with a few new camp openings on the horizon, she wants to be one of the first to see them!

Whether it’s quietly pushing through the still waters of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro or sleeping under a blanket of stars in the Kalahari, she knows it will be fun.

The soon-to-open explorer style Gomoti Tented Camp in the private Santawani Concession is on Anisha’s list for a visit. The eco-friendly camp evokes the early days of safari in style, and will offer game drives and bush walks, where guests might see leopard, wild dog, cheetah and more!

From there, Anisha would head to Kalahari Plains camp in the famed desert for game drives, cultural activities with the Bushmen and spectacular stargazing. She would even have a chance to sleep outside in a ‘star bed’ on the roof of her room!


From the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari, Botswana offers an incredible array of wildlife and experiences. Contact us to find your perfect Botswana Safari!


Diana Dreams of Romance in South Africa

Now that Diana has had a taste of Africa, she’s ready for more! A trip to South Africa with her husband is tops on her wish list. She thinks a Cape Town, Kruger and beach trip would hit the spot.

She would start out in beautiful and cosmopolitan Cape Town near Africa’s southern tip. Diana wants to learn more about South Africa’s history by experiencing it with all of the cultural activities on offer in the city, as well as to see some of the local wildlife – including shore-based whale watching. Also high on Diana’s list is exploring the city’s famous food scene with its amazing local ingredients and fantastic wines from just a few miles away.

After a few days in the city, Diana and her husband would head to Lion Sands Private Game Reserve for a romantic retreat at Ivory Lodge, with their understated and elegant villas overlooking the Sabie River. Diana would definitely make sure to book one night of their stay in their beautiful and secluded tree house. A night up in the trees has all of the comforts needed, while letting you fully experience the magic of being in the African bush!

Finally, with all of the money she saved because of the strength of the US dollar against the South African rand, she would add a few days at the beach for some R&R and a little more time in the bush. A stay at Phinda Private Game Reserve provides the perfect mix. Diana would have the chance to see the rare and endangered black rhino while being within easy reach of the beautiful Indian Ocean coastline to see sea turtles and other marine life, and for diving and other beach activities.

Susan Wishes for All Things ‘Great’

Susan wants her next safari to be in East Africa, where she can once again see the wonders of the great migration of wildebeest and zebra. Visiting Tanzania will allow her to do that, as well as to see chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park. She’s also an easy hop to Rwanda to trek mountain gorillas, making it her ultimate East African safari!

Susan will choose a camp in the Serengeti based on the season. Since the animals are always moving, it’s important to work with an expert to choose the best location for a chance to be amid the migration. After being in the midst of millions of ungulates (and the predators that pursue them!), she’ll head to storybook Greystoke Mahale camp on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania. She’ll sleep in a Robinson Crusoe-like thatched banda at night and climb the Mahale mountains in the morning to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Afternoons, she can snorkel or swim in Lake Tanganyika’s warm waters, and at night feast on fish from its waters.

From Greystoke Mahale, she’ll head to Rwanda to trek the endangered mountain gorilla. A ‘must-see’ list item for wildlife lovers, trekking these great apes can be strenuous but is incredibly rewarding. The hour per day that trekkers are allowed to spend with the gorillas might be counted as one of the most special of their lives! Susan wants to stay at the new Bisate Lodge, which will open in mid-2017. Its unique design and proximity to Volcanoes National Park make it a perfect base. Its reforestation and land restoration projects are a lovely added bonus.


For an East African Safari featuring the great migration and gorillas, check out our ‘Rwanda and Tanzania Highlights’ safari. We can add on chimp trekking on a customized safari!


Chris Aspires to Stand on the Roof of Africa

Chris has his sights set high for his 2017 travel wish list. Given the chance, he would choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest peak and the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

Chris is a huge lover of all things outdoors, and spending his days ascending the legendary peak while viewing Tanzania and Kenya’s endless plains below is how he would like to spend his Africa travel wish this year. He would pick the Marangu route, which is less traveled than most. He knows that it will be a challenge and relishes the thought of the sense of accomplishment he would have upon summiting!

After conquering the highest mountain in Africa, Chris would choose to take some well earned down time at the beach. He’s always wanted to see the beautiful Indian Ocean islands, so he thought he’d give Seychelles a spin. He could not only enjoy some time on the islands’ gorgeous beaches, but also sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and even trekking on some great nature trails if he was craving a bit more exercise!

Do you dream of climbing Africa’s highest mountain?


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