Malawi is a small, forgotten, poor country that is rich with wonderful scenery, warm people and special wildlife. If you were a diplomat, you wouldn’t want to be posted here, and that’s the attraction of the place, even if you can’t always get a meal when you want one. Dominated by its namesake lake, Malawi is paradise for those who enjoy diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, and lounging on the beach. It also boasts spectacular sites, small but interesting game reserves, and some of the friendliest people in Africa. Let us customize the perfect Malawi safari for you! For help, please contact us or call 303-416-6165.

Lake Malawi

Crystal clear water, millions of colorful fish, scenic beaches and lots of activities. A wonderful place to relax, whether it’s in a $5 a night thatch banda or a resort hotel. Lake Malawi is home to 500 fish species-the largest number of any freshwater lake in the world.


A tiny Scottish town in the middle of tropical Africa, Livingstonia is a strange and interesting place to stop for a day. Full of missionary history, it is a must-see for travelers passing by.


Located on a high escarpment, the park offers magnificent views of Lake Malawi’s northern shores and is home to a large herd of roan antelope, eland and reedbuck.

Liwonde National Park

This park has the best reputation for game viewing in Malawi. It is home to many interesting birds, plus elephant, hippos, waterbuck, reedbuck, sable antelope and lions.

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