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Ready to find the perfect luxury safari to Africa? Africa Adventure Consultants’ staff of safari specialists has a combined 70 years in the travel industry and we visit Africa regularly to ensure the quality of our safaris exceeds expectations. We were chosen by our travelers as one of the World’s Best Safari Outfitters in 2017. We are ready to turn your dreams into a one-of-a-kind custom safari experience!

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South Africa



  • It is difficult to describe the wonders of the Safari...but the 4 hours each morning and afternoon...out in the bush..with the wonders of Nature, be it the smallest creature such as a dung beetle hurdling its dung ball into a nest or the leopard with his cub lounging in the thicket or getting to drink by the watering hole...the birds adding their song in the morning and again in the evening...the elephants roaming in large herds along with their babies, antelopes with new borns just a day old...Zebras ....prides of lions sleeping off their feast after a kill... Each day was a new discovery...the heat emanating from a termite hills...the interdependence of nature...I could go on and on. But everyone if they can afford it..should go on a Safari...it is a life time experience.

    George and Brigitte Brief New York, NY
  • The process of planning was also an exciting part of the trip. Kim made us feel like we were the only clients she working with at any given time. The flow of the trip was excellent…..the excitement just kept on building. We were so pleased to stay at The Royal Livingstone (thank you, Kent). We will all be ambassadors for AAC and South Africa.

    Carol DoyleWest Hartford, CT
  • The consultants are amazing with this company. They did an amazing job helping us plan the trip and meeting out needs. You guys worked very close with us and were very patient in the whole process. Kirkmans is an amazing place. I feel in love with it. The people there are equally as amazing and our butler Friday was the best! Brett and Collin (ranger/tracker) were also amazing! Our experience was that much more memorable because of them. The game drives were wonderful. The food was amazing. Overall, an unforgettable experience there.

    Khusbu PatelSunrise, FL
  • Again, such a luxury to have a guide to ourselves. It allowed us to be leisurely and to do the things that were most important to us. We were totally smitten with the kids in the orphanage school. The pace of the trip was great. I’m so glad we had the extra day/night to be at Ilboru right after arriving. We were refreshed and ready to go after that. Your pre-trip assistance was so excellent. I’ve never encountered such responsiveness. It makes such a difference to be able to ask lots of silly questions. It makes us embark on the trip feeling totally prepared. Having the kids along, that was important. Our guide, Eyob, was just amazing! He is the best guide I have ever had anywhere, AND I have been all over the world! Seriously, Eyob is so great, I would love to adopt him! Our drivers were also amazing! You have a great crew working for you!

    Terre ArrigoniLongwood, FL
  • I’m still flying high from a trip that far exceeded my expectations. I still cannot believe the number of animals and birds we saw and how accessible they are. It boggles my mind that we can drive down a bumpy dirt road, rarely, see another vehicle then suddenly encounter a giraffe, elephant or baboon at arms’ length. Being able to stop the vehicle and just sit for as long as we want to and observe was such a gift. I can’t say enough about Mbise. He made the trip! As I told him, he’s a combination of wise teacher and caring grandfather. I don’t know if you purposely chose him because of our having the kids with us, but he was perfect. He took time to explain things to them; he encouraged them to have fun and would belly-laugh himself whenever their joy was obvious. Tricia and I were teary when we had to say goodbye to him. It was leaving a family member. I could go on and on. I have hundreds of pictures that I had printed the day after we returned. I can’t stop looking at them and reliving the wonders of this trip. I can’t thank you enough for making it happen.

    Marion BurkeNewtonville, MA
  • This was an awesome experience in every way, and it all began with the initial inquiries with Africa Adventure Consultants, who ensured that the trip was what we wanted, and did not include anything we did not want. Really top notch from start to finish. Thank you!

    Greg BarringerNew Haven, CT
  • Spending time with the Gorillas was amazing, yet I have to say I came home with so much more on my mind. Both countries are so beautiful; each afternoon we would sit on the deck of our bungalow, in each location, and just admire scenery. Seeing how the people live and experiencing Rwanda left a very big impression.

    Michelle G ColemanParker, CO
  • What a blast! My trip to Africa was the best adventure I've had. We saw almost every animal I wanted to, and had a few narrow escapes. Just when we thought we had got away from the charging elephant, we stopped in front of four pairs of mating lions. The planning and execution of our trip was perfect-I couldn't be happier.

    Paul MajewskiDenver, Colorado
  • We had the most remarkable time in Tanzania with Kent Redding, upon the recommendation of a friend that had been on safari the previous summer. When traveling under the circumstances necessary in Africa, you want to know that someone understands your needs. Let me tell you, Kent thought of everything and saw us through mishaps (loss of luggage) and multiple flights, etc., not to mention the most amazing trip we have ever experienced and he is an absolute blast, to boot! He is not only knowledgeable of the African flora, fauna and cultures, he is as enthusiastic as we about this magnificent country. We saw ALL the big game, a lion kill on the Serengeti and trekked with the chimps in Gombe Stream National Park. The accommodations were fantastic...we never expected such comfort ! We have traveled all over the world and must say this was our most memorable trip and far exceeded our expectations. We cannot thank Kent and Africa Adventure Consultants enough. We are telling all our friends, "you MUST go with Kent...you will NEVER regret it."

    Peggy, Jenny, and Julie WhiteSan Francisco, California
  • When we decided to climb Kilimanjaro, we took the advice of a friend and contacted Kent. He arranged not only our summit of Kilimanjaro, but a wonderful safari and beach excursion, too. Our trip was well planned, exciting, and fun. We made it to the top and then had a blast touring around Tanzania in our private 4WD vehicle. I would recommend Africa Adventure Consultants to anyone considering a Kili climb or safari.

    Kim TafferSan Francisco, California

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