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I can’t resist buying cookbooks when visiting Africa (or any other chance I get).   On my most recent visit to Southern Africa, I picked up ‘Elephant in the Kitchen‘, a fun book with recipes by Craig Higgins, written by Dereck Joubert and photographed by Beverly Joubert (of Last Lions & many other films fame).  This recipe made its debut in my kitchen last night atop my New Year’s dessert.  There were no leftovers!

Amarula Caramel Sauce

Makes 350ml (enough for five people to top ice cream or cake)

100g dark brown sugar
100g unsalted butter
100ml heavy whipping cream
50ml Amarula Cream Liqueur*

Boil all ingredients together in a deep pot for 5 minutes. Can be served hot or cold, and when chilled, will keep refrigerated for 2 weeks (if you can keep it around that long).

*Amarula is an alcoholic South African drink, similar to Baileys.  It’s nice served over ice after dinner, so you’ll have something to do with the leftovers!   It is made from fermented marula fruit and fresh cream and can be found in the US.

Learn more about African cuisine & culture

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