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May 22, 2017  By: Gretchen


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Rwanda’s Development Board has announced an increase in gorilla permit pricing effective May 6th, 2017. Prices for a single day permit have increased from $750 to $1,500. Funds from the increased revenue will be directed towards continued conservation efforts and to enhance the lives of the communities around Volcanoes National Park.

Primate safaris are one of Africa’s most special experiences!

Speak With A Safari ExpertWe are honoring the $750/permit/day pricing for all of our clients who have a Rwanda safari planned and made their deposits prior to the May 6th announcement. New bookings will be at the current price of $1,500/permit/day.

We are please to offer a new package for trekkers in Rwanda who wish to enjoy a totally personalized and exclusive experience visiting a gorilla family. Up to 8 people can enjoy a private visit to a gorilla family, with a personalized briefing and park management presentation at your lodgings (rather than at park headquarters). It also includes behind-the-scenes conservation components such as interfacing with researchers and gorilla doctors. This exclusive experience is priced at US$15,000 (for up to 8 people).

If you dream of trekking gorillas, but Rwanda’s pricing is out of your budget, Uganda’s gorilla permit pricing remains a bargain at $600/permit/day, with low season pricing (April/May/November) at just $450/permit/day! Additionally, Uganda has a program where travelers can trek a gorilla family that is in the process of habituation. It’s an all day experience and allows up to four hours with the gorillas. The habituation experience is also a bargain – priced at $1,500/person/day.

We don’t yet know if prices will increase in Uganda, so if you are planning to visit, the sooner you work with us to plan a trip, the better! We can guide you through the differences between trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, discuss the variety of options available and look at planning a comprehensive customized East African safari! Contact one of our safari specialists to discuss your primate safari!

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