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AAC Offers the Best Guiding On Safari

September 8, 2017  By: Gretchen

AAC Offers the Best Guiding Around

Ask anyone who knows and they’ll tell you that having great safari guides is the key to getting the most out of an African safari. They help travelers understand nature and the roles that each of the animals, insects, and flora play in an ecosystem. They decode animal behavior, giving context and meaning to what is seen out in the bush.

At Africa Adventure Consultants, we offer the best guiding around. Our guides are highly skilled, inspirational people that take travelers’ experiences to the next level. They are experts in conservation, culture, history, and the natural environment, and they have a gift in sharing their knowledge with their guests.

Two of our top Kenya guides will be visiting Denver in October (contact us to RSVP for a special event where you can meet them and enjoy an evening of safari talk!). Read on to get to know these engaging characters.

Jackson Looseyia, Tangulia Mara Camp

Jackson Ole Looseyia is one of the best wildlife guides in Africa. He grew up surrounded by wildlife and from an early age found it a source of inspiration. Tracking wild animals is in his blood – he comes from a long line of trackers. He has an intimate knowledge of all the wildlife in the Mara; from the smallest insect to the largest predators, but the big cats are his favorite, especially the elusive leopard, which Jackson describes as ‘an animal work of art.’

Jackson is an ambassador: expressing modern conservation ideas to Maasai communities and explaining Maasai values to travelers – always with eloquence and humor. His training and experience are being passed on through his strong commitment to school education in the Mara area, and through his guiding of visitors from across the globe. His love of all creatures great and small, his respect for nature, and his Maasai traditions make Jackson an exceptional safari guide. The Mara is his office, where he works every day watching and following the big cats. He knows every mound, bush, and river. Little wonder that he was brought in to enhance the popular BBC series ‘Big Cat Live,’ and well-known leopard Olive and her family were even named after him – ‘The Jackson Five’.

Andrew Francombe, Ol Malo

Andrew Francombe is a child of Kenya, brought up with the wild African bush as his playground. He is a natural bushman with an affinity for wide open spaces. After school, he spent a year in Argentina riding polo ponies as a gaucho and guiding tourists on horseback in Patagonia. He then began his conservation work in Mozambique overseeing the 6 million-acre Niassa Game Reserve. Following his grandfather’s footsteps, he became an able fixed-wing bush pilot at the age of 19, and he is often called upon to help with game counts and animal operations for the Kenya Wildlife Service, Save the Elephants, and the International Rhino Foundation. He has flown all over Kenya, in Mali, and Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is also an accomplished helicopter pilot, and has a helicopter based on Ol Malo for conservation work and scenic flights for guests staying at this upscale, central Kenya reserve.Contact us to book a Kenya safari with Jackson or Andrew!