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We love to see our clients on safari

Africa Adventure Consultants - clients on safari!

From spotting your first lion to bungee jumping in Victoria Falls, our hope for our clients is that each safari experience is wonderful and life-changing. We’re sharing a few of our favorite traveler photos. If you have photos to share of your AAC adventure, please email them to us.

If you’ve dreamed of safari but have yet to go, but what does that look like? Imagine yourself in some of the locales in this photo album. Where do you see yourself? Kenya? Rwanda? Zimbabwe? The possibilities are broad, but we can help you narrow it down and choose the destination that’s best for you. Then we can customize a safari that’s totally unique – specially yours.

AAC client photo credits:
Stinson, Bergen, Hubchick – Tanzania, Al-Awahdi – Kenya, Bodden – Rwanda, Watson – South Africa, Miller – Kenya, Mickiewicz – Tanzania, AAC – Kilimanjaro, Kane – Madagascar, Erickson – Tanzania, Raben – South Africa, Ruminski, Lovato – Zambia, Alsofrom – Egypt (Mt. Sinai), Theroux – Rwanda, Mete – Victoria Falls, Wrublesky – Kenya
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