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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Serengeti in Green Season

January 22, 2018  By: Anisha

Safari Specialist Anisha recently explored the Northern Serengeti & Singita’s Grumeti reserve in Tanzania. The visit was a great reminder of why she loves the green season in East Africa. Keep reading for her top 5 reasons for visiting the Serengeti between November and May.

  • EXCLUSIVITY: Northern Serengeti is most famous for the iconic river crossings that occur between the months of June and October every year. This is a spectacle that draws thousands of visitors from across the world, and sometimes there are so many people you can feel like one of millions of wildebeest in the herd! However, once the herds have passed on and the dust settles, this area becomes a haven for those looking for an exclusive Serengeti safari experience. During my visit in early December, there were a total of about 10 vehicles out. We had most sightings to ourselves! Even when we found a precious young leopard cub, there were never more than three vehicles at the sighting.
  • RAIN: Most see rain as a disadvantage, and yes, it does come with its set of drawbacks like more bugs, bumpier roads, and muddy boots, but I absolutely love rain on safari. There is nothing more dramatic than a thunderstorm on the savannah – it is stunning! One night while we were having dinner at Sabora Tented Camp in Singita Grumeti reserve, we witnessed a huge thunderstorm. It was the perfect entertainment for the night because the lightning displays are so dramatic. That night I had the best night’s rest after falling asleep to the sound of raindrops on canvas! Our morning game drive was absolutely magical the next day. All the plains game was out in massive herds all over the savannah. It was beautiful. The rain actually draws the animals out as they like to munch on the fresh grass in the morning and rejoice in the abundance of water. We spotted a brand-new baby zebra this morning that was less than 24 hours old. He was just learning to use his legs and we watched in awe as he stumbled around trying to keep up with mom.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: I love taking photos of wildlife, and am guilty of purchasing a new camera or some kind of new camera equipment every time I go on safari. Not only was I really lucky with incredible game viewing on this trip, but my pictures came out beautifully because of the contrast between wildlife and vegetation. The spots on a leopard and the stripes on a zebra pop so much more on photos with the bright green background!
  • PRICE: Northern Serengeti is a steal during the green season! I feel like this is the best kept secret in Africa…even Singita Grumeti reserve in Western Serengeti, which is home to some of the top camps/lodges in Africa, drops their rate during this time of year, so you can indulge in ultimate luxury and enjoy an exclusive safari at a fraction of the price.
  • CATS: Yes, you won’t see the migration in Northern Serengeti or the Singita Grumeti reserve from November – March, but predator sightings are still incredible. Remember, cats are territorial, so they are all still there. You may have to work a little bit harder to find them (since the grass is taller) but once you do, the sightings are so very special, because you have them to yourself or with very few other vehicles around!

If you’d like more information on visiting the Serengeti, contact us today to get started!