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Top Reasons to Visit Namibia During the Green Season

October 15, 2019  By: Gretchen
hot air balloon by sand dune

The ‘Green Season’ (mid-January through March) is something of a secret season in Namibia. So named because it is the time of year with the best chance for rain, it is also known for having the fewest travelers, lovely weather (yes – some rain, but not too much!), excellent specials and the chance to book the lodges of your choice. We thought we’d dig into a few of the top reasons to visit Namibia during the Green Season.

Zebra and wildlife on safari in Ethosha, Namibia
  • Escape the winter – You can visit Namibia for guaranteed sunshine and lovely temperatures between 60 – 85 degrees. Who doesn’t need a break from short days, chilly temperatures and lousy weather?
  • Wildlife – The ‘Green Season’ is the calving season for most antelope species. In addition to the chance to perhaps see a baby antelope be born or take its first steps, the predator activity ramps up this time of year as well with all of the new life. This is also the best time of year for birding with migratory species arriving to enjoy the abundance the season has to offer.
Lion in the sunlight
  • Beauty – When it rains (which isn’t frequently and is cause for celebration), the desert can bloom to life! Flowers and green color make for lovely photographs (as does the diffused light of a partly cloudy sky), and the wildlife are looking well – strong, well-fed and healthy.
  • Best Accommodations – Namibia has become quite busy in recent years and it can be a challenge to find space in preferred lodges in the high season. During the Green Season, you’ll have your choice of lodges. Even better, you’ll have more of the country to yourself so that you can enjoy its peace and solitude – and that’s really saying something given that it’s one of the least densely populated countries on earth.
  • Value for Money – From a value perspective, the Green Season takes top honors. Rates can drop anywhere from 10% all the way up to 40%, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your safari!
Leopard sighting on safari in Namibia

This is just a taste of what makes Namibia’s Green Season special. Reach out to a Journey Specialist to discuss planning your own Green Season safari – and be sure to ask about our incredible safari specials available during this special under-the-radar time of year!

Do You Want to Visit Namibia During the Green Season?