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Angie Visits Tanzania – Tarangire National Park

November 8, 2019  By: Angie
Elephants and safari vehicle in Tarangire National Park

Journey Specialist Angie recently traveled to Tanzania to spend 10 days following the flow of its famed Northern (safari) Circuit. The Northern Circuit refers to well-known and wildlife-rich safari destinations in Northern Tanzania, including Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.  In the first installment of Angie’s safari stories, she shares her adventures in Tarangire…

Large Baobab tree in Tanzania

Each day was a new adventure and I was in absolute awe of a country so very rich in wildlife and contrasted landscapes. My first stop was the picturesque Tarangire National Park, located in the vast Maasai Steppe or plains of East Africa. Tarangire’s landscape is something to write home about, and I found myself constantly reminding myself that I was not on a movie set or in something out of a story book. The Tarangire River runs the length of the park, ancient baobabs stand firm and tall and its vast seasonal swamps host a stunning variety of wildlife.

bush breakfast

Kuro Camp made for a perfect introduction to the park and made it possible to ease into the safari experience with much excitement but also peace of mind. For a small camp of only 6 tents, it has a lot of heart and soul! The delicate touches make you feel at home, and one of my favorite memories from the trip was sitting out on the balcony enjoying coffee (delivered to the tent each morning) to the sound of birds and the sun rising through the trees. It was a happy ‘home’ to return to after a walk in the bush or a productive day out game driving. Speaking of which – I must mention that Tarangire is home to elephants galore! The park is truly an elephant lover’s dreamscape and we enjoyed time spent marveling and learning about these incredibly smart and social creatures.


Favorite sightings from Tarangire (two of many!): my very first tree-climbing lion perched up in a tree, and possibly one of my all-time favorite and unique bush sightings EVER was the weird, yet wonderful mating dance of an ostrich. Safe to say our safari vehicle erupted with laughter as he strived to put on his very best (and awkward) show to make the right impression!

walking safari

Journey Specialist Tip #1: Tarangire is a great addition to an itinerary as it gives you the opportunity to get out of the vehicle, stretch your legs and investigate the smaller details that you might miss on a game drive – animal tracks, insects, plants and how they all work together to create the circle of life.

 Angie’s safari is just getting started! Check back soon for part 2 of our 3-part series where she explores the Ngorongoro Crater, nicknamed “Africa’s Eighth Wonder of the World.”