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Luke’s Top Safari Experiences in Kenya

January 19, 2020  By: Luke

Luke Gaedtke is a Safari Concierge at Africa Adventure Consultants, helping our travelers prepare for their trips. He recently traveled to Kenya and spent time in Nairobi, Samburu National Reserve and the Masai Mara National Reserve. He shares some highlights from his experience below.

From seeing a three-day-old baby elephant stumble around to seeing two male lions get chased off by a herd of buffalo, this was the trip of a lifetime! With a safari this excellent, it was hard to narrow my favorite moments down to just five but here you go!


1. My favorite sighting of 2019 and the highlight of my trip to Kenya was seeing a baby elephant and watch it interact with its mother. This was so special – not only was the baby only three days old, but we were the only vehicle there. We had the opportunity to watch the baby elephant stumble around, still learning to use its legs and then take a nap. After the nap, the mom put her trunk under the baby’s backside and helped pull her to her feet.

lions on path

2. Seeing a herd of buffalo chase away two male lions was also an amazing wildlife sighting – an experience directly out of National Geographic. Our guide knew how to search out wildlife without drawing a crowd, so like our baby elephant sighting we were once again the only vehicle there. There is something so special about seeing wildlife behaving naturally without other vehicles around.

bush breakfast

3. As awe-inspiring as our game drives were, there is more to love on safari! While in Samburu National Reserve, we had a wonderful bush breakfast experience. Our guide took us on a nice morning game drive, and on our way back we turned a corner and voila! – a beautiful breakfast buffet with a private chef making omelets for us. Hands down, this was the best place I’ve ever eaten breakfast!

group by fire

4. An amazing bonfire in the Masai Mara was another unforgettable safari experience. After a long afternoon game drive, we were surprised to find a beautiful bar and buffet set up for us in the middle of the bush. It was a bit chilly out, so the staff had started a huge bonfire to keep us warm. It was such a once-in-a lifetime experience to hear hyenas in the distance while being treated to the luxury of a warm appetizer along with a cool gin and tonic!

Luke with giraffe

5. I began and ended my safari in Nairobi and I am so glad I did. I spent time at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Centre. I especially loved getting up close and personal with the giraffes. They are such amazing creatures and I made a new friend quickly! It was also interesting to learn more about the conservation of giraffes at the Centre through their non-profit organization the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

What do you want to experience in Kenya?