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COVID-19 Travel Tips

July 28, 2021  By: Sara

Travel this year comes with a few extra steps, but a lot of rewards. I recently took my mom on her first safari, and we experienced incredible wildlife viewing with fewer travelers, even more personalized service and happy staff who were thrilled to see guests returning to Kenya. The level of exclusivity we experienced was exceptional and can currently be found at lodges and camps that would otherwise be completely full this time of year. This means we were not only a bit spoiled by the staff while in the lodge, but truly spoiled while out game viewing and enjoying other activities as we had many experiences largely to ourselves.

Travel right now requires flexibility and the ability to go with the flow. If that is your style and you’re itching to explore then there is no better time than now.

leopard in tree

Here are some tips for travel this year:

1. Be Flexible

The team at Africa Adventure Consultants will help you navigate the pre-departure process and alert you when changes occur. COVID-19 rules can change frequently, and flights can be canceled last minute. You might need to arrive or depart a day earlier than planned, but it’s worth it once you get there. Try to have a go-with-the-flow attitude and let us handle the details so you can enjoy your safari.

lion with cubs

2. Enjoy the Exclusivity

There are fewer people traveling now which means fewer vehicles on safari, private wildlife sightings and even more personalized service. Sit back and enjoy your almost private slice of Africa!

hippo family

3. Book a Destination with Direct Flights if Possible

Kenya and South Africa both have direct flights from the US. By booking direct flights, you will not have to deal with connections in Europe and ever-changing COVID-19 rules on a different continent. If you do have a connection, understand that you may be subject to different COVID-19 rules for that location and know they may change.

Sara with safari guides

4. Talk to the Camp Staff on Safari and Learn What Activities You Can Do in Addition to Game Drives

Fewer visitors mean camps may have the capacity to make your experience even more unique and memorable. They might tailor a bush walk or other activity to your interests, plan a special bush dinner for you or set up private sundowners in a special location. You might also have the chance to spend more time with staff members as they aren’t as busy. Camp and lodge staff are typically locals, and you can learn a lot about the area and culture from them.

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5. Check Your Airport in the US to See if PCR COVID-19 Tests Are Available

Most major international airports in the US are offering rapid PCR testing with turnaround times of a couple hours, taking away the stress of worrying about when you will get your test result from a lab that estimates 72 hours.

Are you ready to travel?