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Traveler’s Corner: A Southern Africa Adventure

November 22, 2021  By: Gretchen
elephant walking

Joe T. chose Africa Adventure Consultants to plan his Southern Africa safari visiting South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls. His favorite animal is the elephant, which put Botswana at the top of his wish list with the country’s massive population, 130,000 strong. He also wanted to experience a safari with water, and Botswana’s miraculous Okavango Delta ticked that box, as did the impressive expanse of Victoria Falls.

Joe at Cape of Good Hope

Joe kicked off his adventures in Cape Town where he enjoyed a private full-day tour of Cape Point and the Peninsula, including stops in the quaint fishing village of Hout Bay, the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and to see the penguins at Boulders Beach. He loved the Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel where he was based – especially the food and wonderful staff – and very much enjoyed his visit to the Winelands for its beauty, the excellent wines and the welcome he received everywhere he went.

elephants drinking

Joe’s next stop was Victoria Falls. On his first evening there, he enjoyed a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, where he watched elephants come down to the riverbank to drink. The next day he had a private tour of the Falls – and it turned out to be very private as he saw only two other people while visiting. He loved the exclusivity!

Joe was then off to Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. After his arrival he started to spot wildlife.

giraffe drinking water
“Suddenly there were giraffe hanging out and it was an ‘Oh my God I’m in Africa on safari!’ moment.”

The wildlife viewing only got better from there! He saw lions at every camp he visited and had multiple wild dog and leopard sightings.

lion eating buffalo

One special highlight was coming upon a lion kill while he was in Chobe:

“TomTom the lion killing the buffalo at Chobe! We were seconds late for the final take down but there before he started feeding. Another male and a female arrived shortly after and it was fascinating to watch the interaction between the three of them. At first, we thought it was going to be a fight, but in the end, TomTom let them share in the meal.”

Joe found it difficult to choose a favorite moment from his trip. Enjoying the exclusivity of his tours, wildlife sightings and having guides and vehicles to himself as travel hasn’t yet resumed its peak was a standout. It ‘felt like a private trip,’ and he found himself ‘awed by every little thing that happened.’


Joe had many memorable meals in each country and recommends that travelers try the local foods when visiting. He loved the bobotie in South Africa, ate various game meats and even tried mopane worms in Victoria Falls.

His most sage advice for travelers?

“Do everything. Try everything. Don’t waste a moment of time in Africa – you don’t want to regret not doing something.”

Joe plans to go back to Africa next year – Morocco is next on his list. We can’t wait to start planning with him!

Are you dreaming of an African safari adventure?