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Traveler’s Corner: A Luxury South African Family Safari

September 26, 2022  By: Beth

Annie and her family traveled to South Africa for the second time with Africa Adventure Consultants earlier this year. Quality family time, baby animals and luxury accommodations made their trip a memorable one!

boys in pool

The family’s first “big” trip was in 2014 when the multi-generational family went on safari for the grandparent’s 50th anniversary celebration. At the time, the kids were 9, 11 and 13. The whole family fell in love with travel and safaris during that trip. The timing was right this year for a return trip and all five were excited to return.

“We have been fortunate to travel to many incredible places as a family, and safari in Africa is our #1. There is nothing quite like Africa.” – Annie B.

Annie shared that she feels family safaris are an amazing way to spend time with each other, meet people from all over the world, see things you would never see otherwise, create memories to talk about for years to come, and most importantly, just have fun with each other.

lions in the water

The excitement of getting up early in the morning and hopping into the back of the safari vehicle not knowing what you are going to see was exhilarating! The family had so many fantastic sightings that they had a hard picking a favorite.

“We all love the babies; we were lucky enough to see lots and lots of young ones - baby lions, baby rhinos, baby leopards, baby elephants, baby baboons, etc. So adorable! And it is also hard to beat the sight of two male lions strutting across the savannah. Wow!” – Annie B.

The family enjoyed staying at four safari camps in South Africa and Botswana but had two favorite camps – Londolozi Pioneer Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge. Both are favorites of Africa Adventure Consultants as well!

Pioneer Camp
“Londolozi will always hold a special place in our hearts because we went there on our first safari and again on this past one. It is a magical place.” – Annie B.

Londolozi Pioneer Camp is a luxury, exclusive use camp in the Londolozi Private Reserve in South Africa. Boasting a refreshed explorer lounge, a re-appointed interactive homestead kitchen, a beautiful lookout deck, breakfast balcony and full-length lap pool surrounded by 6 million acres of wild lands – Pioneer Camp is one of the best safari homes available. Each of the five Londolozi camps, including Pioneer Camp, offer luxurious accommodations, stunning views, top-notch guides and exceptional cuisine.

Singita Lebombo
“At Singita Lebombo we had the most incredible guide who has become legendary in our family.” – Annie B.

Inspired by the perching nests of eagles, the 15 glass cuboid suites at Singita Lebombo Lodge jut out from the rock face and offer panoramic vistas across the Sweni River and climbing hills beyond. The interiors are as spectacular as the lodge’s dramatic situation: lavish lounging, dining and pool areas and cutting-edge contemporary style which fuses glass, slatted wood and bleached branches with natural, textured fabrics and luxury amenities. Like Londolozi Pioneer Camp, Lebombo is also known for their exceptional safari guides.


We’re so glad Annie and her family returned to Africa this year and look forward to helping other families experience the joy of a family safari as well!

“Just go, enjoy, and soak it all in!” – Annie B.

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Photos courtesy AAC Livingstone Club member Annie B., Singita and Londolozi