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Traveler’s Corner – Honeymooners See the Great Migration

January 20, 2023  By: Gretchen

The perfect honeymoon? A safari in Africa, of course!

Planning a safari is no small task (nor is planning a honeymoon – especially when in the throes of planning a wedding!). There are a number of logistics to work out to ensure a seamless trip. That’s where our combined decades of experience in planning safaris (as well as living and working in Africa) come into play.

"When it came time to plan our honeymoon, we knew we wanted the adventure of a lifetime. We had no idea what kind of adventure we were in for - Tanzania truly changed our lives. There still isn't a day that goes by where we don't think about our time in Tanzania. The most exhilarating experience was coming face-to-face with a teenage elephant right outside of our tent in Tarangire! From the luxurious accommodations to the incredible plants, animals and landscapes so carefully narrated by our expert guides, words cannot describe what we experienced on our honeymoon." - Kristina
Sayari Camp migration

Looking out to the endless plain, it first appears as though it might be a huge pattern of vegetation or a mirage of some sort. Is it bushes? Dark grasses undulating a bit in the breeze? As your vehicle comes closer, the scene begins to take form and you catch the soft noises of animals on the wind. Suddenly you realize that the mass of color on the horizon is actually a mass of life – wildebeest and zebra by the tens of thousands or more, feasting on the lush grasses brought by the cycle of rains in East Africa. It’s the Great Migration.

The Migration is not an annual event, it’s a constant. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 million mammals make their way in a cyclical pattern around the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania and Kenya seeking the fresh, nutritious grasses that help them survive and thrive. It is one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles on the planet – something that visitors remember forever. And your talented guides will get you right in the middle of the action – where cheetah hunt, where lions feast and where the plains game welcome their newest born into the world.

"Our time in the bush was the best experience of our lives and second place isn't even close." - Kristina & Matthew

Kristina and Matthew chose to experience the Northern Circuit of Tanzania for their honeymoon a few years ago. The Circuit includes Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti. These areas are widely considered to hold some of the best wildlife viewing anywhere on Earth, and make for an unforgettable start to a new life together.

herd of zebras
"We would never have been able to take a trip like this without your guidance and assistance. We have already recommended you to several friends and family members. We had an idea in our minds of what to expect, but being on safari completely blew it out of the water. I struggle to think of another adventure we can take that will match the experience we had from the moment we landed in Arusha until the time we left." - Kristina
baby cheetah

A big thanks to Kristina and Matthew for trusting Africa Adventure Consultants with their honeymoon plans. We’re so glad their African safari exceeded expectations!

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