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Traveler’s Corner: The Best Vacation of All Time

April 24, 2023  By: Gretchen

An African safari had always been on Sloane and his fiancé Mandy’s bucket list, but their plans were temporarily thwarted by Covid. As travel restrictions eased, they knew it was time to act! They, along with Mandy’s sister and parents, worked with expert Journey Specialist Angie to plan their safari to South Africa, Kenya and Victoria Falls.

leopard with kill

Incredible safari experiences abounded for the group. Memorable sightings included time spent with a female leopard and another time spent surrounded by elephants. Sloane described these two favorite safari sightings…

“We spent 2 hours alone watching a female leopard eat and hide her recent kill. It is hard to describe the feeling of sitting just 10 feet away from this majestic animal in our vehicle and observing nature in such a raw manner.

…when we were heading back to camp at the end of an afternoon game drive, only to get surrounded by several different herds of elephants. As our guide turned the vehicle off, we realized how special the experience was becoming. After 30 minutes we were surrounded 360 degrees by 40-50 elephants. They converged around our sole vehicle, as each herd combined to form one large gathering. It was a surreal experience that I’ll never forget.”

female travelers with safari guide

The group was impressed with the accommodations and guides on their safari as well. Cottar’s 1920’s Camp in Kenya was a standout where “The guides, the facilities, the animals, and overall vibe were all just perfection. We loved sitting by the fire enjoying a nice cocktail while watching the sunset, after a long day of seeing amazing animals.

The guides at Cottar’s 1920’s Camp are second to none. Our guide Wilson, and spotter Salash, were absolutely amazing and made the trip so memorable. We had many laughs, incredible sightings and it was all smiles during our time at Cottar’s.”

lioness on dirt mound

Planning a safari can be quite an undertaking and it’s best to work with an expert to ensure you are embarking on a trip that meets your needs and expectations. Sloane and Mandy have some advice for those considering going on safari…

“My advice to anyone debating a safari vacation is to just pull the trigger and do it. The feeling you have when on a 6am game drive on your way to see lions, leopards and elephants when the sun is rising over the stunning savanna is truly indescribable. We knew it would be a memorable time but didn’t realize when planning it that it would be our best vacation of all time. We will 100% be returning to Africa one day for another trip or two and can’t wait until that day comes. A special thanks to Doug and Jennifer Page for taking us on the trip of a lifetime, and to Angie Voigt at AAC for her incredible planning and Africa trip expertise!”


If you are ready to plan your best vacation of all time, contact one of our Journey Specialists!

Photos courtesy AAC Livingstone Club member Sloane G.