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Capturing Botswana’s Beauty

July 21, 2023  By: Gretchen

Lynn and Martin R. knew what they wanted in a safari when they contacted the team at Africa Adventure Consultants. Originally from South Africa, Lynn and her family had been traveling the world since she emigrated but realized she hadn’t spent much time in ‘her own backyard.’ She is a photographer and thought Botswana would be perfect for safari.

leopard cub

They spent six nights at one camp in the Okavango Delta, hoping to dig deep into what makes the Delta a dream destination for many. In the past, few safari-goers would spend so many nights in one location, but events of the past few years have helped people to slow down and savor their travel more like Lynn and Martin chose to.

“We kind of knew what to expect, but never expected to see all that we did. We wanted to see the wildlife and wow – we accomplished that!” – Lynn R.
bird eating frog

Some of their highlights include:

  • Spending time with a baby leopard during the day
  • Photographing a little bee-eater (bird) catching a moth
  •  Photographing a stork eating a frog
  • Enjoying the antics of hippos
  • Spending hours watching a group of lions including cubs playing
  • Watching lion cubs feed on an antelope – a reminder of the cycle of nature and that they aren’t always ‘cute and playful’
lions wrestling
“The things you see when you stop and take time to watch are fantastic. We didn’t run from sighting to sighting. My husband doesn’t take photos – he just loves to sit and watch. Each time we saw something we felt that it was amazing to just sit and watch. That’s what it’s supposed to be…just taking it all in.” – Lynn R.

Lynn shared many of her photos which will transport you to the wilds of Botswana on an armchair safari. From seeing lions on a kill to myriad fantastic birds, the wildlife of the Delta doesn’t disappoint. Lynn was excited to learn about francolin birds when her guide explained that the common looking birds are an indicator species for the guides. When the francolins are making noise, it’s generally because there is a lion or leopard in the area, giving guides clues on how to find them.

owl yawning

Lynn has a few pieces of advice for travelers…

  • Enjoy the moment. Everyone sits with their phone everywhere they go. Just set it down, take it in and enjoy it for what it is.
  • When taking photos, always try to tell a story. Anyone can take a photo of a zebra – rather try and tell the story in front of you. Everyone’s so worried about Instagram they’ve lost sight of the real deal.
  • Realize where you are and what you’re doing. You’re among other creatures that live on earth. Respect the wildlife and your surroundings.

Lynn’s final note was that their “safari was fabulous and the organization was superb.”

lion drinking water

Ready to plan your Botswana safari?

Photos courtesy AAC Livingstone Club member Lynn R.