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Traveler’s Corner: Africa’s Nature & Cultures

March 26, 2024  By: Gretchen

Tyler and Vanessa chose Africa for their vacation because they wanted to go somewhere completely new to them so they could experience a new place, cultures and nature that they had never seen. They chose Tanzania and Egypt as their destinations with the help of their Journey Specialist Sara. They said her guidance was “the best advice we could have asked for.”

Vanessa with giraffe

Some highlights of their safari include

  • Seeing elephants with their babies sliding through and bathing in the mud. It had been a specific item on their wish list!
  • Seeing a leopard in a tree. They almost didn’t spot it as it was so well camouflaged! It was on their last day and helped round out their sightings of the ‘Big 5.’
  • Their guides. They couldn’t choose a favorite but marveled at their knowledge – each one was amazing with the skills of a scientist, a biologist and a historian.
  • Their accommodations, especially Gibb’s Farm in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Highlands. “Every place was five star but Gibb’s was over the top.”
  • Visiting Zanzibar, Tanzania – they loved the beaches, the local staff, the food and learning the history of Stone Town.
Vanessa on the beach

They suggest that anyone considering a safari should keep an open mind and participate in every experience. “Even if it seems uncomfortable, everything will end up beautiful. My wife didn’t want to snorkel, but it ended up being the most beautiful thing ever.”

Tyler and Vanessa by pyramid

The pair also had the chance to dive deep into Egypt’s history and to meet the locals.

“We went to see hieroglyphs in one of the old stone structures. It was ancient but perfectly intact. We were blown away by what they accomplished so long ago. It made us appreciate those civilizations on a more personal level – it really stood out how truly advanced they were.”
Tyler by vehicle

Tyler and Vanessa plan to visit Africa again within a few years. They are excited to explore South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Morocco with us. We can’t wait to help them plan their next adventure!

"We booked a trip to several countries in Africa with the team at Africa Adventure Consultants, and it was the absolute trip of a lifetime! Everything went exactly according to plan from start to finish, and we were able to see so many different beautiful places and cultures. I would highly recommend Africa Adventure Consultants, as we are eagerly awaiting the next trip we get to go on with them. Can't wait to go again soon!"

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Photos courtesy AAC Livingstone Club member Tyler K.