There is great need in Africa. We at Africa Adventure Consultants support a number of worthy causes helping both people and wildlife in Africa. For every client who visits Africa with us, we donate $25 to one of the following non-profit programs:


AfricAid is a nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities. In support of its mission, AfricAid provides funding for scholarships, school building projects, leadership training, vocational and teacher training, school supplies, school lunch programs, and works in conjunction with the local initiatives of Tanzanians and other African leaders committed to education. To learn more about AfricAid, visit africaid.org.

Rhino Conservation Botswana

Rhino Conservation Botswana works with its partners, including the governments of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe and tourism operators, to help reintroduce black and white rhinos to Botswana. They are also working to build the populations of rhinos living wild and free in the Okavango Delta. They have developed a world-class monitoring system to watch over and protect Botswana’s black and white rhinos after their release, to ensure their well being and future breeding success. To learn more about RCB, visit rhinoconservationbotswana.com.

Wildlife Protection Solutions

Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS) consists of a team of technology experts seeking to enhance conservation best practices through the practical application of new software, hardware and field methods. WPS has established research camps in a number of international locations. Research camps are located in remote natural environments and consist of housing facilities, personnel, research equipment and communications infrastructure. These test sites provide a live environment to develop, refine and demostrate the latest in technology based conservation applications. To learn more about WPS, visit wildlifeprotectionsolutions.org.


Uthando is a unique model of Travelling Philanthropy and Responsible Tourism linking the local and international tourism industry focused on South Africa with a broad range of innovative, inspiring and well managed community development projects. They are proud to work with and support an amazing collection of independent, well managed, innovative and inspiring community development projects and charitable organizations across a broad spectrum of sectors. To learn more about Uthando, visit uthandosa.org.

We Care!

Africa Adventure Consultants donates $25 to a worthy cause in Africa for every client who travels with us.

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Travel Green

Travel has an impact on the environment.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are causing the Earth’s climate to change and warm, which will have catastrophic results if we do not act to reduce them. But without travel, we’d miss out on opportunities to see new places, meet new people—to think and live globally. In Africa, wildlife reserves would not have the income to continue protecting wildlife, the millions of people employed in the tourism industry would be unemployed and the critical sharing of cultures would not take place. We believe travel is imperative to fostering a peaceful world.

At Africa Adventure Consultants, we strive to minimize our overall footprint on this earth. We are especially aware of the environmental challenges that the delicate ecosystems of Africa are facing, and now more than ever are taking an active role in protecting these areas for future generations.

Africa Adventure Consultants helps save the planet by continually reducing and minimizing carbon emissions, reducing waste and re-using wherever possible. We support legislation that requires mandatory greenhouse gas reductions and efforts by others to reduce CO2.

Our Denver office has taken the following steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Switched to recycled paper for our brochures, letterhead, folders and business cards.

Instituted a recycling program for waste paper.

Reduced drive times whenever possible.

Chose responsible African partner companies with good environmental practices and policies.

Continue to work with African partner companies to reduce CO2 emissions by implementing solar and wind power schemes, reduce wood burning, protect land to create carbon sinks, and more.

We also encourage guests to participate in our charities program which helps fund sustainable development and conservation in the regions where we travel. For more information on our unique program, call Africa Adventure Consultants at 866-778-1089.