• AAC did a great job helping us sort out a complicated itinerary. They listened to our needs and wants, helped us understand our options at various pricing levels, and once we made our decisions, they took care of everything down to the last detail: booking flights, accommodations and when requested, excursions. They also provided all the information we needed regarding visas, vaccinations and travel insurance, as well as suggested items to pack. These were so helpful to us as newbie travelers to Africa. Their communication was prompt and always very clear. Thank you AAC for helping us have a wonderful first experience in Africa!

    Jane Maloney
    Jane MaloneyWarren, NJ
  • AAC was a phenomenal company. From the very beginning they customized our vacation to specifically match our needs. We were a large group of 2 families totaling 14 people. The selection of hotels, guides and safari was perfect. I will come back for our next experience to Africa!

    Ileana Platt
    Ileana PlattDrive, FL
  • Just wonderful. We went where WE wanted and with complete ease. Anisha arranged a seamless trip that fulfilled all our wishes. The private drivers were well informed , prompt and gave us VIP service. We learned so much about South Africa and were entertained as well. We felt we were safe and in responsible hands whether we were in Cape Town, Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary or Kirkman's Kamp by andBeyond. Granted, we were extremely lucky in that we saw EVERY animal in a very active bush but the training of the guide and tracker influenced that. It is very important to be with a safari company that knows where to find accommodations with the best trained people and access to the best parts of the Kruger area. I can't say enough about this adventurous yet relaxing trip. I highly recommend Africa Adventure Consultants for all your African dreams.

    Linda Wohl
    Linda WohlRiviera Cove, FL
  • It is difficult to describe the wonders of the Safari...but the 4 hours each morning and afternoon...out in the bush..with the wonders of Nature, be it the smallest creature such as a dung beetle hurdling its dung ball into a nest or the leopard with his cub lounging in the thicket or getting to drink by the watering hole...the birds adding their song in the morning and again in the evening...the elephants roaming in large herds along with their babies, antelopes with new borns just a day old...Zebras ....prides of lions sleeping off their feast after a kill... Each day was a new discovery...the heat emanating from a termite hills...the interdependence of nature...I could go on and on. But everyone if they can afford it..should go on a Safari...it is a life time experience.

    George and Brigitte Brief
    George and Brigitte Brief New York, NY
  • Before flying to Rwanda, we visited Botswana and Zimbabwe on our own. It was so comforting to know that when we were in Rwanda we had emergency contacts associated with AAC. I will never take another safari without AAC!!!

    Elizabeth Bodden
    Elizabeth BoddenPlano, TX
  • Thank you so much for an amazing holiday. I was very happy with how it all panned out. The logistical flow of the trip was great! We are going back to Africa to see the mountain gorillas and will definitely use Africa Adventure Consultants!

    Lindy Kneebone
    Lindy KneeboneGrange, South Australia
  • Kent, I cannot begin to thank you and your team for helping me organize what I cannot label in any other way than to say it was the adventure of a lifetime! Kenya is blessed with incredible beauty, both in its nature and without a doubt in the nature of its people... one cannot help but fall in love with that country and my 5 year old expressed that exact sentiment when she asked if we could get the Kenyan Passport so that we could "live here forever and ever!" But none of this could have been possible if it were not for the careful planning, the patience and the wonderful service that yourself and your team provided my family and I with. Everything I asked for and more was provided and I have Africa Adventure Consultants to thank for that. Your suggestions were priceless and my family and I had a wonderful time and were able to just relax and enjoy because everything was done for us!

    Soha Al Awadhi
    Soha Al AwadhiKingdom of Bahrain
  • Our trip to Karen Blixen Camp was pure magic!! We were greeted at the airstrip by our trusted Masai Guides as well as a Giraffes family and hundreds of Zebra. The drive to the camp was beyond what our expectations had been for the entire trip and it was truly amazing that there were so many animals to be seen in the first hour. You could not have suggested a more perfect camp for our family. We will be definitely be back!!!

    Jody, Mark & Alex
    Jody, Mark & AlexRowley, MA
  • Our trip was fantastic and your representatives took care of our every need; from the drivers who met us at the airports to the lodges and their employees. Well done! We have already decided where our next African adventure will take us-Uganda and Zambia-although it will be a few years away, but be assured that your company will be our choice.

    Dorothy and Matthew Golden
    Dorothy and Matthew GoldenPurchase, NY
  • The whole trip far exceeded our expectations. Kent put together the perfect itinerary and managed to give us a taste of everything. My sister and I had been to Africa years ago but there was simply no comparison. The attention to every detail for every aspect of the trip was so much appreciated.

    Sandra Blodgett
    Sandra BlodgettCentennial, CO
  • From start to finish, it was an unforgettable experience. All pre trip arrangements were perfect. Our guide was great. The people we met have left an impression we will never forget. And of course, the landscape & the animals. It was the perfect trip.

    Craig Sears
    Craig SearsDecatur, IL
  • The students and school visits, the amazing people, the beautiful country. I especially enjoy Tarangire and this visit was no exception. I also believe Ngorongoro is one of the most spectacular places in the world! The wildlife was amazing. Everything was well planned. I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the incredible safari participants – we had a group of such amazing people – we were very fortunate!

    Nina Shuyler
    Nina ShuylerGolden, CO
  • Just a quick note to let you know that Daniele and I are back from safari and that we had a fantastic trip! Thank you both so much for all the planning and coordinating you did on our behalf. I was especially touched by the surprise birthday party that the camp staff at Chitabe threw for me. If you had any part in that, I do thank you. Personal touches like that are truly memorable.

    Domenica DiPiazza
    Domenica DiPiazzaMinneapolis, MN
  • Folks were so polite. Most of the vans were roomy and getting our luggage from place to place was easy. Highlights of our safari: The amount and variety of animals we saw was truly beyond our expectations and our guide, Gaudence, was SO knowledgeable, helpful, and FUNNY! The entire trip was amazing and unforgettable. We are SO thankful that you steered us into designing our own trip and are SO thankful that we got Gaudence for our guide! It just could not have been more perfect. Generally, the people at the lodges / camps were so friendly, helpful, and fun also. We took the advice given that, if we wanted something, we should just ask, and it was true that everyone was so willing to help us. We especially enjoyed the people at Kirumumu and the walk we took with the Maasai there. We enjoyed the tented camps the most because they offered total comfort with a more outdoors experience - we were able to hear animals at night, including a lion one night. Finally, the restaurant on top of the Hurumuzi was fabulous, both for food and atmosphere.

    Patricia Baker
    Patricia BakerLafayette, CO
  • The climb up Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach was more than I bargained for, but definitely worth it once we arrived at the summit. The guides were particularly helpful.

    Mary Beth Dubinsky
    Mary Beth DubinskyMountainside, NJ
  • This was my favorite trip ever. I will never be the same and can’t wait to get back to Tanzania as I love the people and especially, the children who are so joyful, eager and motivated to learn! Thank you for arranging this trip for AfricAid.

    Betsy Hoke
    Betsy HokeEvergreen, CO
  • The safari was amazing! The lodges, the service, the animals all were fantastic. The best lodge for us was the manor and we could have stayed there longer, the service there was amazing and the accommodations were amazing. Overall, it was an unbelievable trip!

    Emily Morrison
    Emily MorrisonNew Orleans, LA
  • Thank you all so very much for the most wonderful vacation we could ever have. This was truly BEYOND my wildest dreams! And spending this time with my daughter alone with a guide was truly the best way to do it. This was by far the trip of our lifetimes.... no matter where else we may go!

    Wendy Salz
    Wendy SalzLos Angeles, CA
  • I apologize for taking so long to let you know how much we enjoyed our Ethiopian adventure. It was absolutely perfect. Our guide and driver couldn't have been better and even though our days were extremely long, we were able to see SO much. I'll certainly recommend this trip to others! Thanks again for working with us on this packed trip to see so much in four short days.

    Janey Thornton
    Janey ThorntonRineyville, Kentucky
  • Here I am on the last night in Cape Town, and I could not wait to tell you how incredible the whole trip has been. Silvanus was a superb guide in Tanzania, and Graham in SA has been equally as good in a different way. Serengeti Safari Camp was great and the food extremely good. The cook was amazing. We saw so many animals we were overwhelmed. Kent, the Cape Grace is wonderful, and we are VERY glad we did not change. Thank you all once again for everything. I'm in love with Africa now.

    Muriel and Jim Jamieson
    Muriel and Jim JamiesonWinnepeg, Canada
  • Highlights: the exceptional quality and knowledge of the camp guides, especially Goodman at Savuti and Tsepo at Mombo; in addition to an intense focus and obsession to find game, the personal interactions with them were fantastic educational and cultural experiences; the AAC itinerary proceeding like clockwork, as planned and expected...A memorable wonderful trip-of-a-lifetime. Would consider doing it again (probably different camps / locations) sometime in future with AAC.

    Frank & Gail Civille
    Frank & Gail CivilleWarren, NJ
  • This was a trip of a life time and we enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for your attention to details, reworking our itineraries many times and fitting in everything we wanted! We had a wonderful time and will never forget this trip and the wonderful memories!

    Kathleen Conrad
    Kathleen ConradHuber Heights, OH
  • Wonderful attentive service, accommodations, staff and food. But most spectacular were the game drives- which we never missed a moment of. It was a spiritual occurrence- From the animals, birds, flora and the most beautiful stars to the comfy beds, lounge areas overlooking the watering hole and camp staff. Our rangers were superb, knowledgeable and funny. They made every moment a highlight. It was the most perfect experience and vacation of our lives. There were so many areas that could have posed some type of problem and there were none. Every stop we made the folks were there to meet us, take us to the right places- especially appreciated at the many airports we became familiar with. The contact folks were attentive and informative.

    Marilyn Averill
    Marilyn AverillEast Granby, CT
  • We loved our Duma Tau guide, Tank. We saw nearly every animal that was in the realm of possibility, and he was relentless in tracking and the pursuit…The surprise picnics at Xigera and Chitabe Lediba were wonderful. It was such fun to act so civilized in the bush away from camp…Our conversations with the guides in all locations, including Cape Town, and the management at the camps, was always illuminating about their lives, what it is like living in Africa, politics, etc. We learned a lot about African history. An absolutely fabulous trip! Thank you for planning it so well.

    Chaye Zuckerman
    Chaye Zuckerman Shapot, New York, NY
  • The process of planning was an exciting part of the trip. You made us feel like we were the only clients you were working with at any given time. The flow of the trip was excellent…..the excitement just kept on building. We will all be ambassadors for AAC and South Africa.

    Carol Doyle
    Carol DoyleWest Hartford, CT
  • The consultants are amazing with this company. They did an amazing job helping us plan the trip and meeting our needs. You guys worked very close with us and were very patient in the whole process. Kirkmans is an amazing place. I fell in love with it. The people there are equally as amazing and our butler Friday was the best! Brett and Collin (ranger/tracker) were also amazing! Our experience was that much more memorable because of them. The game drives were wonderful. The food was amazing. Overall, an unforgettable experience there.

    Khusbu Patel
    Khusbu PatelSunrise, FL
  • Again, such a luxury to have a guide to ourselves. It allowed us to be leisurely and to do the things that were most important to us. We were totally smitten with the kids in the orphanage school. The pace of the trip was great. I’m so glad we had the extra day/night to be at Ilboru right after arriving. We were refreshed and ready to go after that. Your pre-trip assistance was so excellent. I’ve never encountered such responsiveness. It makes such a difference to be able to ask lots of silly questions. It makes us embark on the trip feeling totally prepared. Having the kids along, that was important. Our guide, Eyob, was just amazing! He is the best guide I have ever had anywhere, AND I have been all over the world! Seriously, Eyob is so great, I would love to adopt him! Our drivers were also amazing! You have a great crew working for you!

    Terre Arrigoni
    Terre ArrigoniLongwood, FL
  • I’m still flying high from a trip that far exceeded my expectations. I still cannot believe the number of animals and birds we saw and how accessible they are. It boggles my mind that we can drive down a bumpy dirt road, rarely see another vehicle then suddenly encounter a giraffe, elephant or baboon at arms’ length. Being able to stop the vehicle and just sit for as long as we want to and observe was such a gift. I can’t say enough about Mbise. He made the trip! As I told him, he’s a combination of wise teacher and caring grandfather. I don’t know if you purposely chose him because of our having the kids with us, but he was perfect. He took time to explain things to them; he encouraged them to have fun and would belly-laugh himself whenever their joy was obvious. Tricia and I were teary when we had to say goodbye to him. It was like leaving a family member. I could go on and on. I have hundreds of pictures that I had printed the day after we returned. I can’t stop looking at them and reliving the wonders of this trip. I can’t thank you enough for making it happen.

    Marion Burke
    Marion BurkeNewtonville, MA
  • This was an awesome experience in every way, and it all began with the initial inquiries with Africa Adventure Consultants, who ensured that the trip was what we wanted, and did not include anything we did not want. Really top notch from start to finish. Thank you!

    Greg Barringer
    Greg BarringerNew Haven, CT
  • Spending time with the Gorillas was amazing, yet I have to say I came home with so much more on my mind. Both countries are so beautiful; each afternoon we would sit on the deck of our bungalow, in each location, and just admire scenery. Seeing how the people live and experiencing Rwanda left a very big impression.

    Michelle G Coleman
    Michelle G ColemanParker, CO

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