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Traveler’s Corner: A South Africa and Victoria Falls Honeymoon

September 27, 2021  By: Gretchen

Newlyweds Victoria and Sean decided that a romantic honeymoon safari was the perfect way to kick off their marriage. Victoria had always dreamed of going on safari and her fiancé Sean wanted to return to the continent after visiting in the past. A luxurious South African safari was the perfect fit.

couple by Victoria Falls with rainbow

Sean and Victoria credit Africa Adventure Consultants (AAC) and Journey Specialist Angie with the success of their trip. Angie listened to everything they wanted and ‘made it happen.’ This was the couple’s first big trip together that wasn’t work or family-related and it exceeded every expectation. It was also their most luxurious trip to date, which was a special treat.

woman taking a picture of a giraffe

After planning their trip with AAC, it was time to hit the skies. They were both very impressed with safety measures in place throughout the travel process. There were temperature checks every time they entered their accommodations, hand sanitization and indoor mask wearing. While there were some COVID-related challenges during the planning process and flight changes while traveling, they are both experienced travelers and knew to ‘roll with the punches.’ Everything on the trip worked out well!

“We greatly appreciated how much time and effort went into considering our specific interests when selecting travel locations.” – Sean
couple in wine cave

Some of their safari highlights included…

  • Exclusivity – They had some safari camps all to themselves and they found very few other people in Victoria Falls. Their tours in Cape Town were similarly uncrowded. It was all incredibly exclusive. It was a ‘once in a lifetime visit!’
  • Up close experiences – Waking up during the night in Victoria Falls to the sound of hippos grazing right outside their room below the balcony was a particularly fun surprise.
  • Experiencing things they’d only ever seen on a screen – Victoria said it was like ‘living in a movie,’ or ‘being part of National Geographic.’
  • Excellent wildlife sightings – watching a leopard eating an impala in a tree and seeing a mother cheetah with three cubs were a couple of their many fantastic sightings. Victoria is a biology teacher and knows a lot about nature and wildlife, but ‘it’s a different thing to see in person.’
  • The guides – they told great stories, knew so much and could even talk about individual elephants. They were able to share their expertise on animal behavior, herd behavior, the ecosystem and more to round out their safari experience.
  • The food – One of their camps, Kambaku River Sands, was a ‘beautiful hidden gem.’ The camp has a special wine cave where they were treated to a surprise romantic private dinner.
“Kambaku was the cherry on top of an amazing trip. The people, from guides and management to cleaning staff, and everyone in between were so helpful and genuine. We fell in love with the place!” – Sean
  • Personalized service – Victoria and Sean called the level of service throughout their trip ‘luxury with a capital L.’
  • Private beach time – The newlyweds enjoyed a surprise beautiful private beach lunch in an oasis after a morning scuba dive to cap off their honeymoon.
“Our beach day was such a wonderful surprise. Our guide Fortunate made our day one that we will never forget.” – Sean
couple with safari guides

We are so honored to be trusted to plan people’s most special travels. We couldn’t be happier that Victoria and Sean had a wonderful and memorable honeymoon in Southern Africa and wish them the very best in their new life together!

Are you dreaming of honeymooning in Southern Africa?

Photos courtesy of AAC Livingstone Club members Victoria and Sean H.