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kilimanjaro climb – machame route

7-Day Private Camping Ascent via Machame (Whiskey) Route

Climb to the “Roof of Africa” on our Kilimanjaro Value Trek. This fantastic private climb takes you up the Machame (Whiskey) Route, regarded as the most scenic route on Kilimanjaro. The Machame Route begins through the rainforest at Machame Village, and over six days, rises onto the edge of the Shira Plateau, down into the beautiful Great Barranco Valley, through alpine desert until reaching Barafu Camp. You will summit, then descend via the Mweka Route. Nights are spent under canvas and all trips are outfitted with emergency oxygen, two-way radios hyperbaric chamber, defibrillator and pulse-oximeter. Porters carry all gear and the camp staff provides great food and service. This trek is physically challenging for most people.

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Day 1 – Arusha: Upon arrival, you will be transferred to Rivertrees Country Inn (or similar) for overnight. Your guide will give you a comprehensive climb briefing either tonight or in the morning, depending on your arrival time.

Day 2 – Arusha/Machame Gate/Machame Camp (9,850 ft.): Depart at 8 am for Machame village. From the village, walk to the park entrance and upon completion of entry formalities, begin your trek through the dense forest of rubber trees and giant figs. After a while, the tropical forest gives way to tall grasses and giant heather. Today, you’ll trek 5-7 hours. Overnight at Machame Camp.

Day 3 – Machame Camp/Shira Camp (12,600 ft.): After breakfast, begin up the steep track through a savannah of tall grasses, and trees of giant heather and erica. The clouds should clear for a beautiful view of the Western Breach and the glaciers atop which mark the summit; Uhuru Peak. Scramble around large boulders as you enter the moorland zone, marked by the bizarre lobelia and senecio plants, and volcanic rocks draped with lichen beards which protect wild alpine flowers growing at their bases. You’ll reach camp after descending a small valley and crossing a brook, then ascending up onto the Shira Ridge, after a total of about 4-5 hours of trekking. Overnight Shira Camp.

Day 4 – Shira Camp/Barranco Camp (12,950 ft.): Proceed steadily upward over long ridgelines of high desert about 4 hours and break for lunch at about 14,500 ft. After lunch, continue to Lava Tower, a 300-foot-tall volcanic plug which marks an exposed pass at 15,000 ft. In the afternoon, descend the steep track into the Great Barranco Valley. Barranco Camp is set on a flat area enclosed on three sides with steep valley walls and the Kibo massif itself. Trekking time is from 6-7 hours. Overnight here.

Day 5 – Barranco Camp/Barafu Camp (15,200 ft.): The day begins with a scramble up the steep ‘Barranco Wall’, then trek 3-4 hours and stop in the Karanga Valley for a hot lunch. In the afternoon the trail turns steadily uphill. The temperature will grow colder and the landscape more sparse as we near Barafu Camp. Barafu Camp is set on a small, exposed flat area on a ridge, acting a base camp from which you will make your summit attempt at midnight tonight. Eat and drink as much as possible before retiring to your tent for rest and sleep. Overnight Barafu Camp.

Day 6 – Barafu Camp/Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft.)/Mweka Camp (10,200 ft.): Start climbing at around 1:00 a.m. Make your way up a winding path flanked by the Ratzel and Rebman glaciers. After about 6 hours of walking, you will come to the edge of the crater, between Stella and Hans Meyer points. The summit at over 19,000 ft will be reached after another hour. Celebrate and take some pictures, then descend for about 3 hours to Barafu Camp where you will rest and have refreshments. Continue down to Mweka camp for the night. Total trekking on this day is 12-17 hours.

Day 7 – Mweka Camp/Mweka Gate (6,000 ft.)/Arusha: Descend straight to the gate (2-3 hours), for lunch and your climbing certificate award ceremony. Afterward, you will be transferred back to Arusha to the hotel of your choice (priced separately), or to Kilimanjaro International Airport. (B, L)

Note: Your bag (to be portered) can weigh a maximum of 15kg (approximately 33 lbs.). We have included an AED for this trek. See our Kilimanjaro Inclusions document for more details on the climb, staff, and equipment.


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Why Climb Kilimanjaro with Africa Adventure Consultants

Safety Equipment & Training: Safety is our number one priority on Kilimanjaro. Unlike many Kilimanjaro operators, we provide extensive safety gear on Kilimanjaro, including a hyperbaric chamber on every trek and a fully rigid litter. We supply plenty of emergency oxygen and have AED devices on each climb. We encourage you to compare our inclusions with other outfitters.

Mountain Guides and Core Crew: Our mountain guides and core crew are recognized as the most capable and professional crew on the mountain. All of our head guides are WFR trained and certified. Our guides and core crew have the best compensation package on Kilimanjaro.

Food: We provide healthy, nutritious and, most importantly, delicious meals on the mountain. Our offerings are chosen specifically to keep your energy level up and your taste buds happy!

Porters: We are committed to ethical porter treatment standards: A Kilimanjaro climb would not be possible without porters. They are the backbone of all Kilimanjaro expeditions and sadly have long been exploited by the tourism industry in Tanzania. However, a change has been occurring, and expectations of the porters are changing in cooperation with companies like ours that are committed to providing fair working conditions, honesty, and transparency.

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Quick Facts

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for Kilimanjaro Climbs
  • Perfect for Adventure Seekers
  • Perfect for Active Travelers
  • Duration 7 days; 6 days/5 nights on the mountain
  • Departures Anytime
  • Accommodations Mountain camping + lodge
  • Fitness Rating Difficult
  • Activities Mountain trekking
  • Safari Type Kilimanjaro Climbs
  • Style Deluxe
  • Land-Only Price* $$

*Pricing is per person and an estimate. Contact a Journey Specialist for a customized quote.
$ = <$5,000 | $$ = $5,000 – $9,999 | $$$ = $10,000 – $20,000 | $$$$ = >$20,000

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