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Friends and Family Travel

March 26, 2019  By: Gretchen

Chances are you’ve heard the term ‘framily’ recently. Like other mashups (think ‘staycation’) ‘framily’ refers to people that like to gather their friends and family for new and fun adventures. When it comes to vacations, traveling with a framily group can have numerous benefits. Because friends and family trips are often multi-generational, it’s an easy way to alternate big group activities with more special interest adventures so everyone has a chance to do what they want. Given often larger sized groups, framily trips offer economies of scale, making it easier and more affordable to rent villas for the entire crew. And a friends and family vacation is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary. This kind of travel is an amazing way to deepen relationships through shared experiences.

Family vacation to Cape of Good Hope near Cape Town, South Africa

Here at AAC, we think an African adventure is the perfect trip for friends and family groups looking for unique experiences, the kind that are sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Here are just a few suggestions to get the “framily planning” started:

South Africa

The immense variety of activities available on a South African vacation are truly staggering, which makes it ideal for friends and families traveling together. Depending on where you stay, in a single day, members of the group can decide to go golfing, while others hit the beach and still others opt for a day of wine tasting in the world-renowned vineyards of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Of course, over the course of a few days or many, everyone will want to enjoy the fantastic safari experiences available throughout the country. No matter the interests of the group, there are options to satisfy every taste.

Masai blessing in Kenya
Photo courtesy AAC travelers the Albersheim family


Kenya provides the classic ‘National Geographic’ safari experience and is one of the places that travelers conjure in their mind’s eye when they think of Africa. If you are contemplating a framily safari experience like a milestone birthday or anniversary, Kenya may be the perfect choice. Start with accessibility – numerous major airlines can get you to Nairobi quickly and easily, including a newer direct flight from the East Coast. Add in the amazing variety of options available, from mobile tented camps to private 5-star luxury villas, all with access to incredible wildlife. For that big birthday celebration, we can arrange an unforgettable meal or activity like hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara, and for those celebrating a special anniversary, we can even arrange a Maasai vow renewal ceremony.

Swimming at the edge of Devils Pool, Victoria Falls
Photo courtesy AAC travelers the Raben family


Zimbabwe is on the rise as a tourist destination right now, and there are still a lot of amazing opportunities for eager travelers. Zimbabwe has the infrastructure to appeal to those travelers that enjoy an adrenaline rush, with the epicenter in and around Victoria Falls. Framiles can take rafting trips on the Zambezi River, sit in Devil’s Pool overlooking a 350-foot drop into the gorge, or take the plunge by bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls bridge. Because all of these options are available right near the Falls, it makes it ideal for framilies that want to split up for the day so that each person can choose their own fun, and then meet later to share adventure stories over sundowners or by the campfire. Farther afield in Hwange National Park, friends and family can experience the thrill of taking mountain bikes or horses out into the wilderness in search of the Park’s famous elephant populations and other thrilling wildlife sightings or taking a leisurely open-air train ride for wildlife viewing. We have activities for all tastes and can keep diverse groups happy – from age 8 to 80.

We have lots of ideas for friends and family getting together to enjoy the myriad vacation options available throughout Africa, and we would love to work with you to help you plan your framily trip of a lifetime. Contact a Journey Specialist to get started.

Are you ready to go on safari with friends and family?