Victoria Falls Safaris
Victoria Falls Safaris

One of the most famous natural wonders in the entire world, Victoria Falls deserves its reputation. As the mighty Zambezi River flows through Zambia, it encounters a 300-foot drop creating the spectacular Victoria Falls. Between 550,000 and 5 million cubic meters of water flow over the falls every minute. Once it hits the bottom of the Zambezi Gorge, the river then forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe before flowing to the Indian Ocean. Surrounding the famous falls are a number of sights and activities worth a trip in itself. Click below to explore.

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Things To Do And See On A Victoria Falls Safari

Zambian Side

More quiet and less developed, the Zambian side offers a closer but less scenic view of the falls. Base camp for Falls visitors in Zambia is Livingstone. Most activities covered below are also available in Zambia.

Zimbabwe Side

Although Zimbabwe has had more than its share of troubles in recent years, the Victoria Falls area has been safe and secure, unless you’re in the money changing business! Base for visitors here is Victoria Falls Town, a touristy but friendly place with plenty to see and buy.

After a half day or so taking in the beautiful falls, we recommend getting out of town and enjoying some of the fantastic activities available in the area. Top tips include:

White Water Rafting

With names like “Devil’s Toilet Bowl” and “Gnashing Jaws of Death” the rapids of the Zambezi below the falls are big, fast and furious enough to thrill any sane person. The views through the Zambezi Gorge are fantastic and its safer than you might think as the water is very, very deep. Downstream, the water flattens out and you can enjoy a relaxing ride, except for the hippos and crocs! Multi-day trips are available.

Canoeing & Kayaking

See above. Note: We also recommend boogie boarding on your raft trip.

Bungee Jumping

It’s a long way down from the Zambezi Bridge. This is reportedly the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Nuff said.

Game Viewing

Victoria Falls National Park and Matetsi Game Reserve are excellent places to see some wildlife if you’re in the area. Matetsi is definitely on the luxurious side.

Scenic Flights

Checking out the falls from the comfort of a small plane or helicopter isn’t for everyone, but the scenery is fantastic.